A look behind the trend of those goose lawn ornaments and why they’re so popular

If your grandma didn’t have one, then her neighbor probably did.

Goose lawn ornaments are a staple in Midwestern front porch culture, but the question is: Why? Why did these geese become popular, and how?

From a naked goose to a goose wearing a yellow rain jacket and hat, there are many ways to dress up these front porch squatters.

According to the Chicago Bungalow Association, geese were treasured by farmers for their courage and valiance. Geese are the watchdogs of the farm and will honk an

Detroit photographer captures people’s auras with vintage, modern technology

A Detroit-based photographer travels all across the nation, capturing people’s auras with vintage and modern technology.

An aura is believed to be the human atmosphere created by a person’s life stories, current life situations and emotions and are represented through colors. The spiritual say the colors of a person’s aura can change throughout their life as more life experiences shape who they are today.

Since 2017, Eileen Lee has captured and interpreted tens of thousands of aura portraits.

The history behind the rule of not wearing white after Labor Day

Do you have grandparents or parents who swear not to wear white after Labor Day weekend until Memorial Day weekend?

Well, the fashion rule that seems to be fading holds some history.

Local 4′s style editor Jon Jordan and Wayne State University’s lecturer of fashion design and merchandising Monika Sinclair weighed in on the history of the fashion rule of not wearing white after Labor Day -- here’s what we learned.

The rule is connected to social class in New York City, and started in the 19th

Producer: Lost your smell after having COVID-19? Here is what you need to know about scent therapy

When I had COVID-19 back in December, I was like many and lost both my taste and smell.

It’s been close to nine months, and my smell still isn’t fully back yet. I know I am not alone in this situation. I recently asked my Facebook friends if anyone else has experienced this. Many friends told me they hadn’t regained their sense of smell in over two years.

So, what are we supposed to do? Do we just wait it out and see if that sense comes back entirely? Or will that sense be tainted for the rest

The future of green burials: What to know about Alkaline Hydrolysis, mushroom suit

As science progresses, more eco-friendly options are available when planning funeral arrangements.

Two that have been getting more attention are Alkaline Hydrolysis and the Mushroom Infinity Suit.

Typically, there are two options for the deceased: a casket burial or cremation. Both can be costly.

According to funeralocity, the average price for burial is $3,782 and direct cremation is $2,245. This doesn’t include funeral services.

While these are the main two options, they are not the most e

Drive behind the flame: How Henry Ford established a charcoal company in Michigan’s UP

IRON MOUNTAIN, Mich. – Barbecue season is here, and if you plan on grilling this summer, you will most likely pick up a bag of charcoal from the local grocery store.

Well, do you know where your charcoal is from? Kingsford Charcoal is one of the more popular brands out there. If you’re like me, this brand might be your dad’s go-to when planning for the next cookout.

So, what makes Kingsford Charcoal so special? Well, for starters, it has ties to Metro Detroit, which already scores more points

Jellyfish sightings in Michigan waters? Yes, it’s a thing

It’s not common, but there have been sightings of freshwater jellyfish throughout Michigan waters for decades.

Craspedacusta Sowerbyi, also known as freshwater jellyfish, was first reported in the United States in 1880. There have been recordings of the species in 44 out of 50 states, according to the Great Lakes Aquatic Nonindigenous Species Information System.

When it comes to the Great Lakes, the freshwater jellyfish was first discovered near Ann Arbor in the Huron River. The discovery was

Explore this enchanting mushroom house in Northern Michigan

CHARLEVOIX, Mich. – A man from South Africa fell in love with the structure of a stone house in Northern Michigan and has since created and reimagined an inviting and nurturing home anyone can visit throughout the year.

The house is known as a hobbit and/or mushroom house but goes by the Thatch House. Michael Seitz, 56, used to visit Charlevoix with his ex-wife’s family, and he told me that he fell in love with the area.

The home he bought has been rebranded to be known as the mushroom house,

Memorial Day traditions: How my family celebrates Michigan veterans

When it comes to traditions for Memorial Day weekend, we often think of parades.

Memorial Day is a special day for many Americans whose loved ones have fought for our country. Many traditions are held on this day -- either city-wide or within a family.

I am grateful that my dad had a tradition with us every Memorial Day that taught my siblings and me to appreciate those who fought for us.

During the weekend leading up to Memorial Day, my family will line our block with mini American flags at

85 years ago: How Dearborn's Battle of the Overpass helped shape the American labor movement

DEARBORN, Mich. – An event that helped shape the American labor movement took place right here in Dearborn 85 years ago.

The event is known as the Battle of the Overpass, and it took place at the Ford River Rouge complex off Rotunda Drive and Miller Road. It took place on May 26, 1937, and a Detroit News reporter, among others, was there to witness the sight.

About 60 UAW members showed up to the plant that day to pass out leaflets to achieve union representation for the Rouge workers. While d

America’s oldest retail hat store turns 130: The history of Detroit’s Henry the Hatter

DETROIT – The oldest retail hat store in the nation is celebrating its 130-year birthday, and it’s in our own backyard.

Henry the Hatter has been serving Detroiters since 1893, providing a wide selection of hats and caps. The retail store, which is now located in Eastern Market, has survived everything from the Great Depression, to the Great Recession, the 1967 Detroit riot and two pandemics since it opened.

Henry Komrofsky of Detroit opened Henry the Hatter on Gratiot Avenue in 1893. Accordin

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